Make your own screen savers royalty free with the Screen Gear Pro Toolkit!

How would you like to make your own screen savers without any royalty fees? Sound to good to be true? Well now you can! Just one single fee and sell as many as you like, no strings attached!

Think of the possibilites if you're a Photographer, Artist or know someone who is! Now you can display your passion in front of any Macintosh user!

What if you're a business owner that wants to get the word out about your business? You can create great marketing screen savers for trade shows or mass distributions. Maybe you would just like to make a terrific souvenier for people to remember your company by. Who knows, maybe their friends will see your screen saver, the possibilites boggle the mind!


Screen Gear Pro Toolkit features include:

Use your own logo in place of the Screen Gear logo's with the exception of the Powered by Screen Gear logo in the Register section.

Create your own registration codes.

Make your screen saver files special so no other screen savers can view them.

Technical support. All the help you need to create your own screen savers


How much does the Screen Gear Pro Toolkit cost?

Not much, when you consider what you are getting! Just think how much it would cost to contract someone to make a screen saver that does as much as Screen Gear! It could cost thousands! But you can get your unlimted license for only $250. Register online today!


Sounds great, where do I begin?

Pay the Screen Gear registration fee for creating royalty free screen savers. Once I receive confirmation of your registration I'll email you the Screen Gear Toolkit.

Take a look at the instructions that are provided after you register the toolkit. If you need additional help drop me a line and I'll give you any assistance you may need.

Finally, add your own content and start distributing your screen savers today!

Register online now so you can start creating your own screen savers tomorrow!




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For information, help or feedback email: Lance Hagans

Last modified 21st January 2001