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Screen Gear is shareware. That means that you can download a copy to see if you like it, if you do like it, then you should pay for it. In return for registering you will receive a serial number which will disable the reminder message at startup.

You can register your copy via Kagi. Kagi is a company that processes shareware registrations on behalf of authors like myself.

You can either register online using your credit card, or use the Register application included with Screen Gear to register via email, fax or post office.

To register online, go to the Kagi Online Ordering Page, and follow the instructions. You may want to click the link for the secure ordering page, if your browser supports it. There is also a Japanese language ordering page.

There is also an online page for tracking the progress of your registration, and another to estimate how long it will take to process your order.

If you prefer to register via email, fax or post office, open the Register program that is installed with Screen Gear - if you don't have a copy, you can get it from the Download Page.

Enter your name, your email address, and the number of licenses you desire. Save, Copy or Print the data from the Register program and send the data and payment to Kagi. Please note that I can't process the payments personally, you need to send them to Kagi.

Also note that if you don't have an email address, you have to choose the option to get a receipt so Kagi send you the serial number back via postal mail.

If paying with credit card or First Virtual, you can email or fax the data to Kagi. Their email address is and their fax number is +1 510 652-6589.

Payments sent via email are processed within 3 to 4 days. You will receive an email acknowledgement when it is processed. Payments sent via fax take up to 10 days and if you provide a correct Internet email address you will receive an email acknowledgement.

If you are paying with cash or US Dollar cheque you should print the data using the Register application and send them both to the address shown on the form, which is:

1442-A Walnut Street POB #392-6B
Berkeley, California 94709-1405

You can pay cash in a wide range of currencies listed in the Register program but at present if you pay via cheque, it must be a cheque drawn in US Dollars.

Payments sent via postal mail take time to reach Kagi and then up to 10 days for processing. Again, if you include a correct email address, you will hear from Kagi when the form is processed and they will send you your serial number.


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Last modified 27th August 1999