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Version 3.2.3 on 24th Oct 1999

Screen Gear 3.2.3 is the latest version of Screen Gear.

Please tell anyone that uses Screen Gear about Screen Gear 3.2.3!

This is a list of all the changes to Screen Gear:

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  • Corrected problem that caused an image to appear that stated "A folder with valid file types may not have been selected". This problem could present itself after several minutes when playing an AIFF sound file along with any images in a single folder. Users wouldn't experience this problem using multiple image folders.

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  • New password options.
  • New feature to disable keyboard navigation.
  • Changed About box and splash screen.
  • Change menu names and command keys equivalents.
  • Removed external preferences file.
  • Corrected problem with the "Designated File/Folder" loosing it's settings.
  • Corrected problem with the "Designated File/Folder" that didn't contain valid files but a subfolder did.
  • Corrected screen freezing problem if demo had expired and no "Designated File/Folder" selected.
  • Corrected problem with 15 day demo counter.
  • Added documentation for creating AIFF audio files from a music CD.
  • Added documentation for converting gifs files to the pict format.
  • Added program for easy registrations via the Interent.
  • Added "Default" button to the "Designate File/Folder" dialog.

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  • Supports multiple folders!
  • New button allows for the selection of a folder from the file menu dialog!
  • Fixed some instances that wouldn't display a window telling you Screen Gear couldn't find any files!
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

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  • Totally new preferences interface!
  • You can have Screen Gear launch an application (like a director movie) instead of Screen Gear!
  • Option for making Finder frontmost application everytime you start Screen Gear.
  • Option for making startup file of Screen Gear in startup folder. Now you can have Screen Gear startup everytime you start your computer without having to hassel with setting it up yourself.
  • Option for switching your active applications via hot keys. This feature also displays memory information for applications as well as the system memory.
  • Check box option for asking for the password to open the preferences.
  • Setting that allows you to set the delay seconds for the sleep corner.
  • Option that turns off the non sleep corner icons.
  • Option that allows Image (PICT & JPEG) to fill the screen proportionately.
  • Check box for setting your background color to any color in the color wheel.
  • Check box for stopping the presentation on the last file in the folder.
  • 13 additional speeds for the fade transition (great for those fast machines).
  • Option for positioning the QuickTime files on the screen.
  • Option for setting the size of QuickTime files.
  • Option for playback of QuickTime Movies at different speeds.
  • With QuickTime 3.0 installed playback of AVI and WAV files is now possible.
  • Option for viewing file information while viewing presentation.
  • Feature that allows you preview your files in thumbnails when making your file selection.
  • File menu item that allows you convert files to QuickTime.
  • File menu item for converting QuickTime files to other file types supported by QuickTime.
  • Reduced Screen Gear Pro's RAM requirements to 600k.
  • Complete use of Screen Gear's features for 15 days for non-registered copies. After the 15 day trial period many of Screen Gear's features become disabled. Unlike the previous versions though, you will still be able to use Screen Gear as a screen saver. Once Screen Gear is registered all features become available again.

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  • By popular demand I have removed the registered dialog on startup!
  • Screen Gear's about box doesn't switch monitor depth!
  • Screen Gear scales images acurately!
  • If Screen Gear is active and it has a password set, you can't activate the preferences dialog without entering your password first.

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  • Screen Gear's graphics have been improved!
  • Screen Gear's nag window disables itself after 15 seconds on startup. No nag on shutdown!
  • Screen Gear allows user to return to previous location in presentation if Screen Gear was in pause or in pause play mode.
  • Slide show starts from the Starting File ( First, Middle, Last, Continue, Random ) option selected in the preferences dialog.
  • Screen Gear remembers your volume settings before Screen Gear activates and then restores them after it wakes up. Screen Gear also remembers the sound settings you set while Screen Gear is running.
  • You can select your media folder from any location and play the contents of that folder.
  • Screen Gear allows you to jump to a file or folder while Screen Gear is active!
  • Screen Gear resolves file alias's so you can have alias's of files from different locations!
  • Screen Gear is no longer required to be located in the same folder as the files you are viewing.
  • Screen Gear keyboard navigation has been greatly improved!
  • Screen Gear has a new lower default memory setting of 800k. No need to adjust the application memory size as Screen Gear gets what it needs on the fly. That is of course providing that your system has enough memory available.
  • Screen Gear sleep corner sensitivity has been reduced from 4 pixels down to 1.
  • Access to the preferences dialog while Screen Gear is running. Now you can change preferences on the fly.

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  • Fixed a bug that caused Screen Gear to crash on the newer Mac systems if you tried to use the built-in help in Screen Gear.

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  • Fixed a bug that caused Screen Gear to crash the system if QuickTime was not present.

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  • Pictures that are larger than your current screen settings will be adjusted to fit the screen
  • New button added in the preferences dialog that allows you to force an image or QuickTIme file to fill the screen.
  • Screen Gear now has the ability to adjust the volume while images or QuickTIme files play back.
  • When a QuickTIme movie has been paused and you select the left arrow the movie plays in reverse. If you press the button again Screen Gear will show the previous file.
  • Sleep corners now have an icon indicating that you are in fact in a sleep corner. They blink too!
  • Fixed a problem with the pause and disable mouse movements. Clicking the mouse button wouldn't do anything.
  • New AIFF feature allows for the playback of AIFF audio as a background music track that loops.
  • Added more time options to the S/F popup list in the preferences dialog and corrected the timing.

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  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to freeze under the following situation. Mouse disabled button selected, pause button active, picture displayed, QuickTime movie displayed and then finally pressing the mouse button.

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