Screen Gear is a screen saver and image viewer that displays PICT, JPEG, QuickTime and AIFF files and transforms them into elegant presentations/slide shows. Imagine displaying your images, listening to narration and playing your AIFF music files simultaniously. Or if you prefer you can tell Screen Gear to launch a Director runtime to take advantage of Directors interactive capabilities. The screen saver toolkit allows anybody to create screen savers to sell or distribute royalty free. Photographers, Artists and business people will find this particularly appealing!

Screen Gear requires at least System 7, QuickTime, Sound Manager 3.0 and a Macintosh with a minimum of 900k of free RAM. Your hard drive requirements will vary depending on the number and size of each image or sound file used with Screen Gear.

Screen Gear is shareware. To encourage you to register your copy of Screen Gear, registering will remove the reminder message at startup and allow you to continue to use many other features that have become disabled after the trial period.

A few of the many Screen Gear features include:

* Easy installation - just double-click on the Screen Gear application icon and Screen Gear will place a file in the startup items folder so Screen Gear will be ready every time you start your computer.

* Small RAM requirements only 900k

* Playback of PICT, JPEG, AIFF, AVI, WAV & QuickTime files. You can playback files by themselves or together. As an example you might have a PICT background with a Quicktime movie playing on the background and an AIFF sound file for background music.

* Application launcher - allows Screen Gear to launch your favorite director movie or any application you choose.

* Application switcher - quickly switch between active applications with hot keys you select.

* Password protection with several options.


Here are some thumbnails of the controls used in Screen Gear. For an actual size image click on the thumbnail.

General? Sleep? Playback?
Navigation? Registration?

Here is a thumbnail of the application switcher window in Screen Gear. For an actual size image click on the thumbnail. In this screen you can view the memory requirements of each application as well as the memory your system is using and how much is still available for other tasks! This window also allows you to jump to any application that is visible in this window by double-clicking on it or use your hot keys.

App Switch?

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Read what other people have to say about Screen Gear: 

"… Just wanted to personally thank you for a SUPERB program! We have an iMac pointed at our foyer for visitors to view. Your program has made it very simple for us to entertain our guests while they wait. I've assembled a number of different slide shows, dependent upon which client is visiting and I'm pleased to say that they have been "blown away" by the presentations. My only wish is that more programmers would 'build' such efficient and easy to use programs. Thanks again!…"

Alec Fromm

"… My husband just downloaded Screen Gear a few days ago and we are very happy with the program, to say the least. We have scanned photos of our many fall foliage excursions and now I have my very own spectacular screen saver.…"

Margaret Bucklew

"… I'm registering screengear straight away! found out about it from a listserv I subscribe to. At last a mac-based screen saver that isn't an extension that needs loading and can cause conflicts, but that still "times-out" when needed. Fully customisable to play/show whatever (like Quickshow), but moreso, since it is more usable as a presentation tool as well!…"

Greg Boddy

"… Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying Screen Gear. I'm a stalwart Mac user in my office (about 30 of us left in an office of 400, but we're actually GROWING again!), and I've turned my new Mac into a visual jukebox just to annoy the WinTel crowd. Screen Gear has helped in this little effort, as I've loaded a long slide show of my favorite dino-rock band as a screen saver (I'm also using Kaleidescope and Window Monkey to complete the visually cool effects). I had tried to do this with my AfterDark software, but it was WAY to limited -- Screen Gear fills a great void! Anyway, I'm talking you up with other Mac users in our MUG at work and wanted to pass along the compliment first hand! Too cool!…"

Tom Kloster

"… I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your program and think it's wonderful! I have used it to create about 4 different screen savers for my computer already. I have always wanted to do a screen saver with family photos, but didn't know how to go about doing it. Screen Gear is GREAT.…"

Rene' Delehanty-Eichem

"… Fantastic program! I've been frantically searching for a Mac screen saver slide show program that would show jpg images for months now. I had to yell a big Yahoo! when I read the Screen Gear Pro summary. I'll have to admit to doubts that it would live up to it's billing. After trying it for a few days, it exceeds all my expectations! Wow!…"

Bill Chapman

"… OH MY GOD! I did it! I have the most gorgeous screen saver! It's made with such kool pics of my cat (ranging from kitten to adult) & my little pup (3/4 the size of the cat). Tom Jones is singing, What's New Pussycat? I'm sending my money & I will tell everyone I know, it's FABULOUS!! THANK YOU!!!! …"

Jan :)

p.s. Screen Gear makes it so easy...which is REALLY good...'cause my sister is "the bright one!"


For details on how to register via Kagi, see the Registration Page.

For information, help or feedback email: Lance Hagans

Last modified 30th December 1999